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Our Cats


We are a small, cageless cattery, specializing in Persian tabbies, bi-colors and solids. We live in a northwest suburb of Denver, Colorado, in a 4-bedroom house, in which 3 of the bedrooms belong to the cats! 

  All of the cat and kitten pictures in the Slide Show are past and present kitties we have had/have. 

Updated January 30, 2015 


 The familyWe have been married since 1972, and have raised 4 children, born in 1974, 1975, 1977, and 1984! Whew! Now we have furry grandchildren with 4 legs, who think they are people!

Gary is a retired computer programmer, and Karen was a registered nurse, but not working right now, sort of. We have been showing at CFA (The Cat Fanciers' Association) shows since 2002. Even though we are somewhat new, we have learned quite a lot in these few short years. We are still learning daily, and have met some very knowledgeable cat people....part of the joy of showing. By clicking on "At The Shows," you can see some recent show pictures.  We hope you like the videos, too.  

 Just a quick note:  We don't breed very often; but when we do, we have ONLY 100% Persians.....not Exotics (Zot)  (who have a 7000 registration number), not Himalayans (who have a 3000 registration number). Our lines have a 1000 registration number, and are pure Persian, with no other breeds outcrossed with them, as once one uses a Zot or Himi in their breeding program, the resulting offspring have a 7000 or a 3000 registration number. We are also members of the Wild Blue Yonder Cat Fanciers club. And, as of 2014, Hunny-Dew Persians is proud to say that we are a Cattery of Distinction with CFA, as we have had at least 10 home-grown Grand Champions/Premiers.


Winter wonderland

  This is what our back yard looked like on Feb 2, 2014


Back yard March 5, 2014

 We now have a view of the ol' the back yard on Mar 5, 2014.